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Flashy Promo WordPress Widget

Flashy Promo WordPress Widget

Versatile widget to fill many website requirements. Fill out all the data in the widget back-end, or just the data you want/need. My widget will display perfectly on the font end of your website. All fields are replete with css selectors allowing you to customize the look and feel. The image is dynamically re-sized with timthumb – you set the width and the height is accommodated automatically. The Flashy Promo widget give you:[clear]

  • Title
  • Image
  • Description
  • Link


  1. Love your site and thanks for the plugins!
    This one  looks great! But it must have like  a   href=“#”   or something because it reloads the page when i click download.

    • YIKES! Fixed! I found an extra double quote. Oddly, there have been over 400 downloads to date!

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