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Termorarily Out of Stock

Termorarily Out of Stock

Working on a shopping cart I decided to have a waaay cool out of stock sticker, instead of a boring text blurb. I looked through several of my favorite free photo sites but didn’t find anything suitable. I did find a neat graphic at, but you know how they are now in kahoots with Getty Images.[br]
This is a layered Photoshop (CS5) file. The full size image is 2000px wide. You can edit the text to have it read anything you like. If you use it, leave a comment and a link so I can see.

Download PSD


  1. Hey Flash, thank you very much for this image kind sir.

    Used it on a blog post for our eCommerce consulting services and will be sharing your site with friends and colleagues.


  2. I was just looking at your Temporarily Out of Stock – I think it has the potential to become very popular. Thanks for the download. I have a project ready for it and your hard work will certainly save me a lot of development time 🙂

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