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Flashy Click to Call Plugin

Flashy Click to Call Plugin

WordPress click to call plugin shortcode to add call to action buttons; mobile phone call buttons to WordPress posts and pages, allowing users to click the button and invoke any native phone call applications; Skype, mobile phones, tablets with call apps etc. This tool is great to easily add a handsomely style click to call button on any WordPress site.

  • Add The Click to Call shortcode to your WordPress posts and or pages with ease
  • Single click Skype calls for users viewing the site on a Mac, PC, table or mobile phone
  • Single click phone calls for people visiting your site on a call enabled device
  • Install the plugin to your WordPress site to receive calls with ease
  • Add call buttons to link phone numbers to staff for selling your products
  • Add a call button with voice-mail number to capture sales leads


Use shortcode [ clicktocall number=xxxxxxxxxx ]xxx xxx-xxxx[ /clicktocall ] where xxxxxxxxxx is the phone number and xxx xxx-xxxx can be any text.


1. Upload flashy-click-to-call folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Add shortcode [clicktocall number=xxxxxxxxxx]xxx xxx-xxxx[/clicktocall] where xxx xxx-xxxx is a phone number.




  1. This is great, can UK numbers use this plugin?

  2. please update your plugin to be able to use with wordpress 4x
    hope it is very easy for you

    • Hey kgmyat (what the heck kind of name is that?!), my plugin works in all versions of WordPress. It is so basic that I’m surprised that more folks don’t just roll their own. FWIW – I did update, no code changes, rather additional comments.

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