New to me! After a three month search I finally found the truck I had been searching for, a Ford F-150 Supercrew 4×4 with the Triton 5.4 V-8. This truck had been patiently waiting for me in Windsor Colorado. Rose (yes I gave my truck a name) met most of my criteria. Low mileage (86K), Supercrew, no dents or dings, clean interior, power windows, cruise control, running boards and a tonneau bed cover.

The previous owner, Bill, appeared to have taken good care of the truck, though he lied to me about keeping it garaged and omitted the fact that the driver’s window had noise issues. That notwithstanding, I’m very happy with the truck. Bill was on top of oil changes, radiator flushes, had just installed new tires – the kind of tires that get good gas mileage and run quite rather than wicked looking giant mudders.

Easter weekend gave me the time I needed to get to know her. I spent about $100.00 in product, mostly Meguires and set about detailing the heck out of the truck; it took three days! When the final coat of was had been applied and buffed to an amazing shine, I drove Rose out to one of my favorite spots along Boxelder Ditch at 5:30 Easter Sunday morning, parked her on the railroad tracks (a train had just passed), pulled out my Nikon D500 and Bogen tripod. With the Nikkor 18-55 attached I took several bracketed shots with the intention of processing at least three consecutive into a HDR via Photomatix.

The shot came to life once processed and I was thrilled with the result. The full moon was a bonus I hadn’t counted upon.