Fall Equinox Half Marathon

September 23rd at 4AM I was quick out of bed and feeling good. The weeks leading up to this momentous event were not without trials and tribulations. Training never goes as planned and when plantar Fasciitis reared its ugly head I thought I would be looking for a bib buyer at the last minute. But a couple test runs earlier in the week gave me hope that I might just pull it off.


Anything Missing?

My morning routine consisted of coffee first, fresh ground from Starbucks beans followed closely by a small bowl of raw oats covered in almond milk (30%). I had my fanny pack of water, gels, credit card, cash, phone and several tablets of Ibuprofen ready from the night before. I pulled up the checklist on my phone to make sure I didn’t forget something important. It has happened in the past where I rush out the door and forget my phone, foot pod, HRM – once I forgot my water and gels?!

Did you see any omissions on that list?  That notwithstanding, I used the bathroom and casually excited to my more modern F 150 pickup, put the key in the ignition and I was on my way to the park and ride. Green Events, the event organizer had arranged for school busses to transport all runners to the race start.



– Compression Socks
– Tank Top
– Sexy Shorts?

Pre Race
– Oatmeal
– Coffee
– Sunscreen

– Water Belt w/ 2 full Bottles
– Bag ‘n TP (optional)
– Bib
– Foot Pod
– 4 Gels
– Phone
– Ibuprofen (6)
– Cash & Card
– Sunglasses
– Sweatshirt
– 2 Extra H20 bottles at finish line

The trip from home to Poudre High School was uneventful, but interesting. At 4:45 AM all the cars on the roads were going to the same place. I parked my truck, skipped the porta potty and packet pickup and got into the buses line. As I neared the bus I remembered that my bib was my bus pass. Oh crap, I left my bib at home. What an IDIOT! I called Jan Baby several times and texted here but no joy. She was still catching zzzzz’s. So I jumped into the Ford and blasted home, running only one red light and doing a modest 55 in the 40 MPH zones. Got home, dashed inside and grabbed my bib, dashed back to the truck and on the return trip I upped the MPH by five and ran four lights; it worked. I got onto the last bus up the mountain, phew! While in route I pulled out my phone and added “bib” to my check list 🙂

Bus ride was a hoot. We were not singing songs, but we should have been! Upon disembarking at Mishawaka I went directly to the porta potties, no, I did not pass go nor collect $200.00. For you history buffs, Mishawaka was homesteaded in 1916, so it has some great Americana charm. That went smooth so from there I found a place to change out of my sweats and get into proper running attire; compression socks, over price New Balance running shoes, the briefest of shorts – sporting the Colorado logo no less, fanny pack with supplies, sun glasses and my favorite tank top in a lovely teal blue.

The final step before the gun was to get into the bag drop line. Green Events provided a honkin’ big box truck with volunteers stuffing bag after bag into the box of the truck. From there I spotted the 2:30 pacer about fifty yards down the road from me and the 2:45 pacer (Melody White) thirty yards up the road; a good place to get into the throng of expectant runners.

Looking at my watch I realized I didn’t have much time, just a minute or so and to my delight the race announcer got the race started exactly at 7 AM! Now that is refreshing.

I got off to a slow start. Bear in mind this race is 99% downhill, but not a steep downhill. I was literally just coasting along with the crowd. There was a racaus bunch behind me hooting it up AND they had a ghetto blaster blasting away. Looking back over my should I spotted Melody with her merry band of 2:45’rs. They were gaining on me so I picked up the pace to around 11:15/mi. I had it in my mind I would be doing 10:30/mi. more or less but everybody including myself said to take it easy at the start.

At the first pit toilet, somewhere around a mile down the road there was one runner exiting. At the second pit toilet, around mile 3 there were three women waiting. At the first water stop there were a row of porta potties with lines! Can you imagine having to wait in line to pee in the middle of a race? It was around mile five that I started to pick it up and got my pace down under 11/mi. As the miles slipped by I thought I was getting faster but when I would look at my Garmin it told a different story. The beautiful scenery was taking my attention more than my racing apparently.

Chevy Truck circa 1950
Chevy Truck Circa 1950
Zack Sanchez with Flash Budddy
First Glimpse of Sunshine

Hitting mile eleven was a joy. Nothing was hurting too much. A little calf tightness still hanging around and maybe some foot soreness from the plantar fasciitis – though by now I had popped a few Ibuprofens ;-P Every step I was saying to myself; “new record, new record” since I had never been over eleven miles in my training prior to this run. At this point I knew I was going to finish the race. I was still cracking jokes, I slapped some old guy on the ass and said; “pick it up old man, we have to REPRESENT”. He gave me a big smile and fist bumped me. The whole route, when I could catch up to some other runner I would ask them if they had seen the 2:30 pace guy. “some where down there” was the answer. I was mystified, I felt like I was going to make it under 2:30 but I couldn’t spot that dude anywhere?!

I was at mile 13 and I still couldn’t see a finish line. By this time a finish line would have been a very welcome site. No, I wasn’t dying but I was really ready to be done running.

Finally I spotted it. Looking at my watch I saw I was now at 9/mi. and speeding up. Entering the finishing chute I was flying, now 7:30/mi. Don’t we all like to finish strong? Apparently not as I was flying by other runners in the chute. I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough room to get around ’em all but somehow I didn’t clip anybody and made it over the finish line in 2:28:11. See, I was under 2:30. Where was that 2:30 pacer? I didn’t realize that I had passed him at the finish until my wife showed me the photos she had taken. You could just see my shoe in front of him.

Lauren Prince came up to congratulate me, I got a hug and wondered what my wife must be thinking when she’s right behind me watching me hug this tall slender athletic college aged woman. Turns out they had met on the bus and thus acquainted – phew! . I was taken aback by her interest in an old and slow guy like me. Lauren is a real runner! I had met here on one of the Wednesday morning Fort Collins Running Club Riverbend Ponds runs. She was chatty, a college student working on her doctorate as I recall, and able to handle the 10:30 Riverbend Ponds pace. Following her on Strava I discovered she is the real deal; a multi sport athlete turning in amazing results.

Next up was the donut line. Greedy as usual I filled my plate with strawberry filled, lemon filled and and old fashioned donut. Horse & Dragon Brewing Company was on hand to quench thirsts, though I ran into a little interference trying to fill my commemorative cup with one of their brews. I ran into the ID Nazi! “Where’s your ID tag sir? You have to have a tag to get beer!” Seriously? Look at me, how hold do I look to you? “It’s a rule”. I reply; “What is the reason for the rule, aren’t there generally reasons for rules?”. Confidently I explained to her that I was going to use my ugly face as an ID and see. She actually followed me along in the line to the point where the beer meister eagerly filled my cup and she didn’t quite know what to do at that point.

The after party was great. My favorite irreverent group was playing and announcing results. This events has an amazing group of sponsors and holy cow, the shear number of smiling helpful volunteers was amazing, except for the ID Nazi, she wasn’t smiling.

One of my favorite Strava followers Zack Sanchez strolled by and I shouted out to get his attention. This guy amazes me. He started running a few months prior and was running twelve minute miles. He finished his first half marathon with a blistering 9:30/mi. pace. He just keep getting faster. I expect he’ll be in the eights by next month.