I’ve been hunting for the perfect vintage looking tie down hooks for Roxanne. Finding what was I thought I wanted proved a tall task. I recalled a pointy vintage hook but the best I could come up with was a hand forged wrought iron hook. After ordering them from Garrett Wade I decided against them; I found the pointy ones! They were hiding in the awkward product pdf’s over at Vintage Power Wagons. Steve came to my rescue and those suckers are on their way.

More exciting still, I finally settled on an interior kit and from Vic’s Dodge Garage. Vic is doing original style; CNC cut panels covered as in the old days. While I’m very nervous about sag going forward, I did like that I could mix and match colors. Going with grey headliner with brown panels. I saw somebody else had done this and thought it looked nice.

His cost is misleading. While $425.00 sounds like a deal, when you factor in his shipping it get nuts. Good thing I’m rich. Check out the shipping estimate quotes from Vic’s in Oregon to me in Fort Collins, Colorado.




I’ve been leary of doing ABS, while I would appreciate the no sag factor, I just don’t think I’d like having a plastic interior. I think I’ll get better sound insulation with the old school vinyl wrapped boards. Yes, I’ve added sticky backed foam/aluminum sound deadener sheets up the wazoo. Finger’s crossed!

FWIW – Vic is a chatty guy who was incredibly helpful on the phone over a wide range of topics. And did I mention Vic’s website has color photos?