I recently embarked on a mission to find a way to mimic a image carousel (see below). It is a widget that advertises Amazon books. This all started when a client of mine Opens New Window decided he needed some similar eye candy on his real estate website.

The problem with the Amazon wiget was clicking the images took visitors to the Amazon website. My guy wanted his clicked images to open enlargements in a new window.

What I found was a pretty cludgey array of jQuery and or Flash components or scripts that interpreted ‘carousel’ in varying ways. Very few did what my client wanted.

Saviero Caminiti Opens New Window has a great collection of Flash carousels, along with some other goodies. I used his technique to create this carousel where clicking the images opens them as enlargements in a lightbox. See my demo» Opens New Window Check out Saverio’s personal website: http://www.dsi.uniroma1.it/~caminiti/. Opens New Window