Outer Banks | Kitty Hawk | Roanoke Island

Outer Banks | Kitty Hawk | Roanoke Island

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The Wright Brothers

On December 17, 1903, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, named Wilbur and Orville Wright, were successful in flying an airplane they built. Their powered aircraft flew for 12 seconds above the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance.”

– Wilbur Wright


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Kitty Hawk

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A Trip to the Beach


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Orville and Wilbur Wright

“We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever aroused curiosity.”


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Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Dare County, the Town of Kitty Hawk offers year-round residents and visitors alike many spots for Kitty Hawk beach access, and a unique and relaxing vacation environment with plenty of things to do. The origin of Kitty Hawk’s name is still a matter of local debate.

Washington | Goose Creek North Carolina

Washington | Goose Creek North Carolina

Jan Baby and I stopped at Goose Creek State Park and Campground on a quick trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The park is a scant twenty minutes from Washington; AKA Little Washington, or as the locals proudly proclaim, the Original Washington. Yes, the town has a rich history. The campground has rich sunsets! I put my drone up in the air around sunset to have a look around. The trees in the Carolinas are so numerous and dense, that you can’t hardly see anything! Compare and contrast that to Colorado, where you can see natures beauty for miles. Sure, I love trees as much as the next guy, but will likely be spending most of my time near the coast/
Content Within Tab Module Tab

Content Within Tab Module Tab

Content Within Tab Module Tab
by Flash Alexander | May 4, 2021 | Bric-a-Brac | 0 comments

I’m often asked how to put a module within a tab module. There are only two ways that come to mind;

1.) Add a plugin that enables one to use PHP, build a layout and save it to the Divi Library, then use php to insert it within the tab. Something like:
< ?php echo do_shortcode(‘[ Your Custom Sortcode ]'); ? >

2.) Create a shortcode. Something like: [ insert-module module=”layout-1? ]

Both of those are either too complicated for the newbie or just plain stupid for the experienced web person. ERGO my recommendation is to simply write HTML and employ a little CSS to get your what you need within the module.

Responsive Tables Using CSS

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Flash Alexander


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Government 1911 .45 Cal Handgun from Kit

Government 1911 .45 Cal Handgun from Kit

Government 1911

.45 Cal ACP

The following is a letter I wrote to my former client and fellow photographer Lee Peterson.

Dear Lee,

So, you plan to live a few more years. Now there is a crazy idea. Funny thing is I’ve been thinking the same thing.

 So let me share a family story with you this morning. My son Zac (26) got interested in acquiring a gun. Don’t ask me why because I have no clue. We certainly don’t live in a dangerous location. He took a concealed carry class, registered and received a CCW permit. Went to the local gun store and bought a Glock 17. Ordered 3000 rounds of ammunition which I thought was crazy. Bought a holster, and gun safe for the car and has been diligently going out to the gun range to practice his marksmanship. I accompanied him on one trip and soon discovered why he ordered so much ammo. You really go through it fast!

 Being the great father I try to be, for his birthday I ordered him a kit from which one can build a Government 911 .45cal handgun. I bought one for me too thinking it might be something we might do together. He wasn’t too impressed. I ended up building the gun, he offered to sell me the bags and box of gun parts for half price.

 When you build your own gun, you get to put any serial number on it you want. I liked No. FLASH-GUN

Kids today eh? My mother (rest her soul) always said when somebody give you a gift, you don’t complain. It is your to do as you wish with. I don’t mind his selling it, but his snarky way of offering to sell it to me drives me crazy!

Don’t worry, I’m not planning on shooting him with my new gun. Funny thing is I’m not very interested in shooting guns. I do love their look and feel; art pieces for the most part.

Today I plan on stopping by the gun store and looking into buying a box of ammo, a holster and a gun safe for the car. I’ll work on the CCW later. I don’t plan to be packing heat around town anytime soon.

Hope you’re doing well as well can be.

— Flash



The Model 1911 .45 Automatic Pistol is the world’s most respected handgun, and has been designated by many authorities as the finest service pistol design of all time. The Browning 1911 was yet another revolutionary gun by one of the greatest gun designers of all time, John Moses Browning, the founder of today’s Browning Arms Company. The Browning 1911has beenproudly made in the USA, at a state-of-the-art factory located only a few miles south of Ogden, Utah – the same town where John M. Browning lived and where the genius of all of his greatest firearms inventions began.

Vintage Dodge DIY Disc Brakes Conversion

Vintage Dodge DIY Disc Brakes Conversion

Vintage Dodge DIY Disc Brake Conversion

While I haven’t bitten the bullet yet I have been sorely tempted. Recently I ran across this post on the Facebook Dodge Pilot House page.

DIY Disc Brakes for yer ‘ol Dodge
by Derrick Laukaitis

Don Incoll came up with a great setup for converting the drums on his (wife’s) ’49 Dodge to a disc setup. Here’s an alternative I came up with years ago for my ’56 Dodge that utilizes all Mopar parts (plus a nifty bracket that can be made using a drill press, drill bits, a hole saw, basic grinding tools and a lot of patience).

Like Don did, you’ll have to remove the drum from your hub. Then, you’ll have to grind enough material off your hub to allow the rotor to slide over it. Also, like Don did, add a set of five wheel studs so you don’t have to wrestle with the lug bolts any longer.

I included the drawing I did years ago of the bracket that will need to be made. But, I strongly advise you re-measure your setup and do a mock-up with a different 1/4″ material (I used plexiglass) to ensure everything fits as designed. …Looking at my measurements again (with a few more years of experience under my belt, you will definitely need to re-measure).

Nearly forgot… You’ll need some brake hoses also. Honestly don’t remember what I did for hoses, but there a ton of options out there.

By the way, this setup allowed me to run 15×7 American Racing Smoothies.

The Recipe:

PartRock Auto Part #CostQty Parts Cost
Left Caliper18FR1083 $46.791$46.79
Right Caliper18FR1084$46.791$46.79
Caliper Brackets141200 $16.422$32.84
Caliper Bracket BoltsH17010$3.042$6.08
Wheel Studs7178B$2.1410$21.40
    Total: $211.48 (+ shipping)

Parts Gallery

Non DIY Method

Scarebird makes several disc brake conversion kits and changes are they have on for your vintage ride.

Colorado Run 10K 2019

Colorado Run 10K 2019

Just under 300 runners participated in the Colorado Run 10K this 2019 Memorial Day. I was lucky enough to be one of them. This was my third 10K in the last year or so. I had run 10K’s previously but that was BK (before kids) over 25 years ago! It took me long time to get my distance back up to 10K. Heck, 5K seemed like a long long way to be running hard. I ran this race last year and managed to complete it in 1:12:51. The time didn’t matter, just finishing the race was what it was all about for me.

While I’m on the subject of last year’s Colorado Run 10K, I want to give a shout out to Ross, my impromptu running partner. I didn’t know Ross before the race and chugging along Overland Trail I came up from behind him. He was the oldest looking guy around, I was hoping he was older then me. Being the oldest guy at a race gets weary. Turns out Ross was 82; sixteen years older then I. Ross was wearing a pair of American flag running short and as I pulled along side I told him: “I was going to wear my flag shorts but didn’t want to be the only one”. He ignored me. That didn’t stop me from a few more quips whereupon he slowly started to crack a smile. As we ascended Maniac Mountain Ross would coach me on where to run and where to walk for best results. We hung together for the first half of the race and chatted the whole time. At the top of the hill water station I had a cup and then surged ahead taking full advantage of the downhills. I’ve been looking for Ross at every race I run but haven’t found him yet. If you see Ross, tell him Flash says “Hey!, come run the Fireworks 5K. I’ll be the old guy in the American flag shorts!”.

The weeks coming up to this race ended up being pretty stressful. I had strained a calf muscle a couple months earlier. At a Tuesday Night Track (TNT) session I was able to test it out. A-OK. Remembering the vicious nature of the hills that I’d be running I had added a three mile workout using the hills of the race for my run. That ended up hurting my hamstrings – ERGO I’m instantly back on the defensive. I kept wondering if I’d be able to survive the hill portion or would my hammys blow up? Add to that waking up with a headache and generally feeling like crap. I did some quick research online and decided popping a couple ibuprofen wouldn’t poison my liver or kidneys and may help get me to and through the race.

With a minute to go I got into the middle of the start que, right behind Crisann Becker. It was good to see a familiar face. I knew Crissan was close to my pace after the season’s Tortoise and Hare events so I used her as a pacer for the first mile and then let her slowly get away. I had a blast on the hills since I had decided not to race, but to just finish without hurting myself. I ran the start of Maniac Mountain pretty steady, holding a 15 min/mile pace then decided to walk a bit. Greg Smith stopped along the course in the middle of his run from his house near the racecourse. His encouragement was welcomed and I was even able to increase my pace. Thanks again Greg! A couple young ladies passed me and we gave each other low fives. I got passed by a lot of runners. I had a feeling I would be reeling those in on the downhills, which was the case, though I never did make contact with Crisann. On the last of the downhills one woman and I had been periodically passing one another based upon the grade. I would overtake her on the steep downhill sections and she would blow by me on everything else. This continued into the finishing mile. I didn’t think I had a prayer to stay with her on the flat and when she showed up again I sped up, gave her a wild look and said some snarky think like; “Oh, its on!”. Of course I couldn’t maintain that and let her get away again. She looked over her shoulder at me with a huge smile and said; “c’mon, we’ll finish together”. That was really nice and made me happy though I let her do her thing and disappear down the trail. Greg Smith was along the finish mile and was again encouraging us. I was surprised to see my neighbor Bob working as a course volunteer right at the very end of the course. Thanks Bob, you did an excellent job with that flag!

I crossed the finish line with a net time of 1:05:58. I was very happy with that. My long range 10K goal is of course to get under 60 minutes. Time will tell. It was great to see my supportive wife and dog. We hung out and snacked on donuts, coffee, yogurt and orange slices. Gawd I love those donuts. Greg stopped by to chat and so too did those two young girls. That was very sweet of them and very mature too. It seems to me that teenagers have a hard time relating to old guys like me. Jacob LIAO ONG stopped by too. He had run the 10K as he recovers from a couple broken toes. I feel for that guy. He finished the Boston Marathon to come home and stub his toes, breaking two. Ouch! From there we drove Roxanne over to Intersect Brewing. This was my first time. I discovered great beer, nice venue and fantastic crowd – 99.9% runners helps 🙂


Fort Collins Running Club Homies


Intersect Brewing Patio

Post Race

I spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch watching tennis. For calories, I enjoyed a bowl of Costco granola with cashews, almonds and dark chocolate chips. I may have dozed off a bit and buried my head in my phone too. I use several running apps. Garmin of course since i use the Fenix 5 running watch, Strava and Smashrun. Each has their strength and weaknesses. Strava has become my favorite in large part because you can add photos and most of my running homies use it too. Running races are interesting. I always think of them as “fun”, but the morning before if full of angst, the race itself has a sprinkling of fun elements, like low fiving those teenagers and being invited to run with the woman who kept passing me, overall the run is hard and sometimes painful work. After the race is always a blast with the fellowship, donuts and beer. Reflecting on the day is completely satisfying and starting a new week with new runs, both training and races is exhilarating.

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