Just Say No To Spam

Just Say No To Spam

How many different reasons to hide email addresses are there for sending emails. Do you like to keep email addresses of recipients secret? Do you occasionally send a copy of an email to a different party on the sly? Or, for most of us, do you want to hide your email address from the automated spam bots the mercilessly scour the net looking for more address to send their spam to. Here is an extremely simply and functional method to thoughtfully obfuscate email addresses; your correspondents and website visitors will thank you for it.

Email Obfuscator

Enter Flash Buddy’s Email Obfuscator, a simple online tool that allows anyone to enter an email address and have it converted to gibberish, yet still function as a valid email address. Only this one stays hidden from email harvesting bots.

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Multiple Personalities

Multiple Personalities

I stumbled into a blog that had adorable guys holding chalk boards with messages to website visitors. I was so taken by it I decided to make my own. Yes, I totally ripped off their idea. I even included Tim Allen as one of the holders. If you use it shoot me a message and show me where; just for fun don’t ‘cha know!

Chalk Board with Multi Holder People Sample

The download is a multi layered Photoshop CS5 (ver. 12.1). Have fun with it.

Summer Orzo Salad

Summer Orzo Salad

This salad was whipped up by my wife, Jan Baby. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of healthy eating, and pasta with veggies in it is far off my radar; this one however, knocked my socks off. For a summer salad and holiday BBQ action, think Memorial Day, July 4th; it is a fun and deliciously healthy alternative way to enjoy the taste and health benefits of a pasta salad.

Orzo was a new one on me. I had never heard of it before, never cooked, eaten or discussed it or ever seen it in the store. This is a petite pasta, little rice sized and shaped pasta kernels.   Jan Baby swears that it is fairly easy to find in most grocery stores, and she is right. Since discovering orzo, I now look on the pasta isle and have no trouble ferreting it out.  Jan adapted this recipe from one she found while surfing the web from the family iPad.


1lb Orzo Pasta
¼-½ Cup Olive Oil
1 Cup fresh spinach leaves, torn or leftr whole ~or~ 1 Cup broccoli flowers, blanched or raw
4oz crumbled feta cheese
½ Cup dried cranberries ~or~ dried cherries
8-10 Torn or sliced basil leaves
½ Cup toasted pine nuts (optional)
3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice, or to taste
1 Teaspoon salt
Freshly ground black pepper, or to taste
1 Carton cherry tomatoes, lalved ~or~ cubed fresh tomatoes
Handful calamata olives (optional)


Cook orzo pasta according to package directions. Cool in bowl, adding a little EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to prevent sticking. When cool, add rest of ingredients. Combine well and enjoy!

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San Diego Rose Society

San Diego Rose Society

My father, famous for his amazing rose garden, recently attended the San Diego Rose Society show. He was surprised to discover they also featured and exhibition of rose photography. Since we both share a love of photography, we have been kicking around the idea of entering a few of our rose images since the requirements don’t look too intimidating.

Submission Requirements

Roses from My Father’s Garden

La Jolla Concours de’Elegance

La Jolla Concours de’Elegance

My son Max Alexander and I had a common love of classic automobiles and have made a point to take in a car show when possible. Our first ones were the events that took place in Santa Rosa Park in San Luis Obispo. We had stumbled in after a hockey game at the same park. We had our hockey sticks, but no camera. The first car show images I had captured were at the Old Town Car Show in Fort Collins California back in the summer of ’06 (View on flickr). I took a more traditional approach. My father Frank Alexander lives in La Jolla, California and loves a special photo-op from time to time. He alerted me to an event in his backyard, purchased tickets whereupon the two of us made the scene, cameras in tow.

I take a different approach these days, as can be seen in this small gallery of images. I actually take more enjoyment in the post processing via Photomatix, Photoshop and Lightroom.

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Instagram Blog Demo

Instagram Blog Demo

Is ipadography in the dictionary? I recently had a client request a Instagram powered blog be setup on her website. The concept was to use the Instagram iTunes Store App in conjunction with ones iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to add photos instantly to ones blog. I ended up solving the riddle by using the Instagram App ability to post instantly to flickr. To get the photos from ones flickr Photostream on to ones blog, I used the Awesome Flickr Gallery plugin and customized it’s display.

Flash Buddy’s Instagram Ipadography Blog

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