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Upload Your Crack

Are you a Ford Explorer owner? Is your Explorer’s lift gate trim panel cracked? If you answered yes, then you are in good company, as there are countless thousands of Ford Explorer owners who suffer from the same defect. How do you fix it? The lift gate trim panel can be ordered from Ford, and comes unpainted! By the time you get it ordered, painted and installed your looking at close to a $500.00 bill. I digress; I’d love to share a photo of your crack on my Facebook page: “Ford Explorer Lift Gate Cracks“.

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    Vintage Hockey Photos

    Vintage Hockey Photos

    Tempers were flaring and feeling had gotten hurt. I received a tearful phone call last night from a concerned hockey parent who had just learned our Jr. Eagles recreational hockey team would not be playing in the Slapshot Invitational tournament. Rather than go into that ever turning can of works, I have chosen to share a photo I dug up out of the archive of the 2005 NCYH Grizzlies rec team.

    Being ‘Flash’, I couldn’t just leave the photo as is, so I spent some time in Photoshop and put a vintage spin on it.

    Vacation Photos 2011

    Vacation Photos 2011

    A follow-up to the Alexander’s family vacation. Well, most of the Alexanders. Zac decided he had important business to attend to in Fort Collins; seventeen years old don’t ‘cha know. Max, Jan Baby and I, Flash Buddy had a great adventure driving to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Cheap motel (49er Inn & Suites), fine dining, hiking, a cruise through Yosemite, rafting the Snake River and horseback riding;  and have the pictures to prove it.

    The Pictures that Prove it.

    [AFG_gallery id=’2′]


    WordPress Gallery

    WordPress Gallery

    This is a working demo of the normal WordPress gallery implemented in the most simple way possible.

    Holidaze Special from Flash Buddy

    Holidaze Special from Flash Buddy

    I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the Christmas season to be here! There are few things better in the world of holidays than the tinkling of Christmas music, the smell of hot apple cider and visions of sugar plums! Of course being the guy that I am, I also do love the mircobrews holiday ale!

    Special Holiday Offer * How Can One Say No?!

    Fancy Text Widget with the Christmas Addon

    Add some color to your sidebars. The fancy text widget add hundreds (I actually didn’t count, but there are quite a few) of  possibilities that will fit any design and layout (with widget areas, that’s most of us). You can see two of these amazing widgets in my sidebar right now!

    View Features


    Available backgrounds

    • Crumbled paper, less crumbled
    • Crumbled paper, more crumbled
    • Sand paper, fine
    • Sand paper, more grainy
    • Paper with horizontal lines
    • Paper with horizontal and vertical lines
    • Simple color – no background image

    Available icons; can be placed in left or right top corner

    • Sticky tape vertical
    • Stick type diagonal
    • Paper clip
    • Old school paper clip
    • Safety pin
    • Blue pin
    • Red pin
    • White pin
    • Green pin
    • Black pin
    • No icon

    Available fonts

    • The Girl Next Door
    • Sue Ellen Francisco
    • Annie Use Your Telescope
    • Waiting for the Sunrise
    • Indie Flower
    • Architects Daughter
    • Just Me Again Down Here
    • Just Another Hand
    • Covered By Your Grace
    • School bell
    • Default theme font

    Available corner styles

    • Plain corners
    • Both corners folded with shadow
    • Left corner folded
    • Right corner folded

    Available background colors

    Color picker let’s you choose whatever color you like!

    Available font colors

    Color picker let’s you choose whatever color you like! Or you can use the default theme text color.


    Christmas Flyer uEdit

    Christmas Flyer uEdit

    My Sister Judi occasionally leans on me for help with her graphic arts projects. Today I was asked to solve her Corel Draw issues and send over a flyer that she could use to advertise her upcoming camp-out.

    Corel Draw is a great program and can be a lot of fun. Judi had the file so convoluted that starting from scratch was my only option. I fired up Photoshop; waaay more fun that Corel Draw. Using a background I found online on somebody’s free backgrounds blog, the end result is nothing real special, but might help jump start your own Christmas flyer project.


    Christmas Flyer uEdit