Holidaze Special from Flash Buddy

Holidaze Special from Flash Buddy

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the Christmas season to be here! There are few things better in the world of holidays than the tinkling of Christmas music, the smell of hot apple cider and visions of sugar plums! Of course being the guy that I am, I also do love the mircobrews holiday ale!

Special Holiday Offer * How Can One Say No?!

Fancy Text Widget with the Christmas Addon

Add some color to your sidebars. The fancy text widget add hundreds (I actually didn’t count, but there are quite a few) of  possibilities that will fit any design and layout (with widget areas, that’s most of us). You can see two of these amazing widgets in my sidebar right now!

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Available backgrounds

  • Crumbled paper, less crumbled
  • Crumbled paper, more crumbled
  • Sand paper, fine
  • Sand paper, more grainy
  • Paper with horizontal lines
  • Paper with horizontal and vertical lines
  • Simple color – no background image

Available icons; can be placed in left or right top corner

  • Sticky tape vertical
  • Stick type diagonal
  • Paper clip
  • Old school paper clip
  • Safety pin
  • Blue pin
  • Red pin
  • White pin
  • Green pin
  • Black pin
  • No icon

Available fonts

  • The Girl Next Door
  • Sue Ellen Francisco
  • Annie Use Your Telescope
  • Waiting for the Sunrise
  • Indie Flower
  • Architects Daughter
  • Just Me Again Down Here
  • Just Another Hand
  • Covered By Your Grace
  • School bell
  • Default theme font

Available corner styles

  • Plain corners
  • Both corners folded with shadow
  • Left corner folded
  • Right corner folded

Available background colors

Color picker let’s you choose whatever color you like!

Available font colors

Color picker let’s you choose whatever color you like! Or you can use the default theme text color.


Christmas Flyer uEdit

Christmas Flyer uEdit

My Sister Judi occasionally leans on me for help with her graphic arts projects. Today I was asked to solve her Corel Draw issues and send over a flyer that she could use to advertise her upcoming camp-out.

Corel Draw is a great program and can be a lot of fun. Judi had the file so convoluted that starting from scratch was my only option. I fired up Photoshop; waaay more fun that Corel Draw. Using a background I found online on somebody’s free backgrounds blog, the end result is nothing real special, but might help jump start your own Christmas flyer project.


Christmas Flyer uEdit



2011 Vacation Itenary

2011 Vacation Itenary

Jackson Hole offers unbeatable weather and endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Hiking and camping may be the most popular summer endeavors, while whitewater rafting, golfing and horseback riding provide some of the nearly limitless summer entertainment possibilities. Therefore, the Fort Collins branch of the Alexander family has decided to take a road trip north to Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Day One

49er Inn & Suites

49er Inn & Suites Jackson Hole WY

Sunday, July 31st we leave at 6AM (yeah, right), all four (fingers crossed) of us crammed into Jan Baby’s Ford Explorer. Zac is insisting on taking the dog. I have other plans for Molly.

Reservations have been made at the 49er Inn & Suites. This hotel is located in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming convenient to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. The 49er features 30 beautiful fireplace suites, and has a great location and many amenities. With 140 rooms and suites, extended continental breakfast, 35 person indoor hot tub, 12 person outdoor hot tub, fitness room, sauna, and 2 conference rooms, the 49’er Inn and Suites can accommodate all of our lodging needs.

Physical Address:

330 W. Pearl Ave.


PO Box 1948

Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83001



Teeny Tiny Boats

Day Two

This is billed at “The Ultimate Adventure”.

Teeny Tiny BoatsThe Teeny Tiny Boats are the ultimate whitewater trip on the Snake River. With paddling action and big waves, this trip boasts Snake River thrills from start to finish. The Alexanders will be grabbing a paddle and living the adventure.

RAFT TRIP DETAILS: The newes trip on the Snake River; with a maximum of eight passengers in their smallest boat, we will really feel the whitewater rapids. All of us will be able to paddle on this trip. In fact, our guide will rely on us to power the raft. One this is for sure, the Alexanders are physically fit and ready for a challenge. On such a small boat, we can expect to get wet, no matter where we sit, even when hiding behind Dad.

This trip launches from West Table Boat Ramp in the Snake River Canyon and winds its way south toward Alpine, WY. We’ll travel 8 river miles from start to finish. There are about 8 sets of rapids, ranging from class I and II to class III. The smaller boat size on this trip makes for a more adventurous ride.

The Snake River Canyon is rich in geological history and we expect to lear about some of the features that make this canyon unique. Max hopes to see river otters. Flash and Jan will be on the lookout for osprey and bald eagles on our trip. If we are lucky, we might even catch a glimpse of a mountain goat, a mule deer, an elk or even a grizzly or black bear.

Website: http://mad-river.com/

A Horse is a Horse Unless of Course…

Teton Horseback Adventures

Day Three

Swift Creek Outfitters and Teton Horseback Adventures offers horseback riding at its best in the Teton Wilderness. Just one mile from the the Grand Teton National Park boundary. Why leave the Park and travel for miles to go horseback riding? They offer the best rides in the Jackson Hole area without the usual large groups, so they give a more personal experience to be enjoyed by anyone. Their Base Camp sits on the Pacific Creek Trailhead next to the Teton Wilderness.

Swift Creek Outfitters &

Teton Horseback Adventures

PO Box 1825

Jackson, WY 83001

307-739-2300 phone

307-730-8729 cell

307-730-8829 cell

Website: http://www.horsebackadv.com/

Day Four

Jellystone Park

Yellowstone National Park Rainbow GeyserYellowstone National Park is the flagship of the National Park Service and a favorite to millions of visitors each year. The park is a major destination for all members of the family. By driving the grand loop road, visitors can view the park from the comfort of their vehicle and also take a rest at one of the many roadside picnic areas. For the active visitor, the park has thousands of miles of trails from day hikes to back country explorations. Yes, we will watch out for bears, we read the paper after-all.

Heading home was our plan for the end of Jellystone day, but the more we learned about the area, them more we realized we would most likely spend the whole day exploring. Jan Baby was able to phone our hotel and extend our stay by a day. ERGO, we will head for home Thursday, August 4th.

Gold Foil Seal Celebration

Gold Foil Seal Celebration

Celebrating 20 Years Gold Foil SealI recently was engaged to create a ribbon seal commemorating a companies twenty years in business. Photoshop to the rescue. While I was at it I decided to make my layered and annotated file available to others who may need a commemorative ribbon seal, but maybe not specifically twenty years.

Check out how it looks on the Medlin Equipment Inc. website

Cuddling with a Seal

Cuddling with a Seal

One shouldn’t touch a wild animal, especially a juvenile wild animal. I think the woman in the video handled it very well. I’ve witnessed others doing pretty dumb things in similar situations. This girl hardly touched the pup. She was mostly being passive and letting the pup explore the world and her – but seriously, you shouldn’t normally touch seals.

YouTube has removed other copies of this video due to a copyright claim by Amazing Nature Videos. I make it available here as it keeps popping up, on many video sharing sites 🙂