Government 1911 .45 Cal Handgun from Kit

Government 1911 .45 Cal Handgun from Kit

Government 1911

.45 Cal ACP

The following is a letter I wrote to my former client and fellow photographer Lee Peterson.

Dear Lee,

So, you plan to live a few more years. Now there is a crazy idea. Funny thing is I’ve been thinking the same thing.

 So let me share a family story with you this morning. My son Zac (26) got interested in acquiring a gun. Don’t ask me why because I have no clue. We certainly don’t live in a dangerous location. He took a concealed carry class, registered and received a CCW permit. Went to the local gun store and bought a Glock 17. Ordered 3000 rounds of ammunition which I thought was crazy. Bought a holster, and gun safe for the car and has been diligently going out to the gun range to practice his marksmanship. I accompanied him on one trip and soon discovered why he ordered so much ammo. You really go through it fast!

 Being the great father I try to be, for his birthday I ordered him a kit from which one can build a Government 911 .45cal handgun. I bought one for me too thinking it might be something we might do together. He wasn’t too impressed. I ended up building the gun, he offered to sell me the bags and box of gun parts for half price.

 When you build your own gun, you get to put any serial number on it you want. I liked No. FLASH-GUN

Kids today eh? My mother (rest her soul) always said when somebody give you a gift, you don’t complain. It is your to do as you wish with. I don’t mind his selling it, but his snarky way of offering to sell it to me drives me crazy!

Don’t worry, I’m not planning on shooting him with my new gun. Funny thing is I’m not very interested in shooting guns. I do love their look and feel; art pieces for the most part.

Today I plan on stopping by the gun store and looking into buying a box of ammo, a holster and a gun safe for the car. I’ll work on the CCW later. I don’t plan to be packing heat around town anytime soon.

Hope you’re doing well as well can be.

— Flash



The Model 1911 .45 Automatic Pistol is the world’s most respected handgun, and has been designated by many authorities as the finest service pistol design of all time. The Browning 1911 was yet another revolutionary gun by one of the greatest gun designers of all time, John Moses Browning, the founder of today’s Browning Arms Company. The Browning 1911has beenproudly made in the USA, at a state-of-the-art factory located only a few miles south of Ogden, Utah – the same town where John M. Browning lived and where the genius of all of his greatest firearms inventions began.

I Hate DirectTV, and Here’s Why

I Hate DirectTV, and Here’s Why

After a protracted text interchange with DirecTV support person via chat, I was unable to get them to refund a $36.35 charge. One would think an organization (just bought out by AT&T), whose sales have been declining and are trying to recoup earnings with their new streaming service would invest a little in customer support. Not so much. Read on if you have time and patience. I tried but ended up having my bank reverse the charges 🙂

How much do they pay people to hang on to those $36.35 charges?! I spent close to fifty minutes online arguing my case, all to no avail.

You : I have a question about a specific charge
DIRECTV NOW : Got it. To assist you better, please tell us your first name.
You : Flash
DIRECTV NOW : Thank you, Flash. You will now be connected to a live chat specialist who will assist you.
DIRECTV NOW : Thank you, Flash.
DirecTV : It’s a wonderful day today! Hello, Flash! My name is DirecTV and I’d be happy to help with your DIRECTV NOW service!
Flash : Great.
DirecTV : Thank you.
DirecTV : Flash, I understand that you need hep with the billing. Am I correct?
Flash : Your welcome. Yes.
DirecTV : Please let me know the issue you have with the billing.
Flash : Signed up for free trial. Canceled but was billed nonetheless. ERGO, free trial cost me money?!
DirecTV : I will be glad to help you with the details.
DirecTV : Could you please help me with the last 4 digits of the card with expiry month and year?
Flash : xxxx
Flash : xx/xx
DirecTV : Thank you.
DirecTV : Please allow me 2 minutes while I pull up your account details.
DirecTV : Thank you for waiting online.
DirecTV : I see that you have another account with the email address on which you have Live a Little package.
Flash : I’m not aware of that.
DirecTV : I see that the first name and last name is Flash Alexander on the account.
Flash : It may have been me trying to signup on my mobile phone and thinking it didn’t complete?
Flash : Unless it’s one of my kids ripping me off?! Has there been any usage, any logins to the account?
DirecTV : I see that you have ended the free trial on 22nd and was charged on 10/23/17.
Flash : I should have asked if there has been logins or usage on either account?
DirecTV : We don’t have the option to see the login and usage of the service on the account.
Flash : OK. All I need is both accounts closed and the money refunded: 10/25/2017 3800 DIRECTV NOW 800-965-7288 TX 17298001 $36.35
DirecTV : As this is the prepaid service, we don’t have the option to process the refund once the payment is processed. However, you can stream the service till the end of the billing cycle even though the account is canceled.
DirecTV : However, I will help you with the steps to cancel the account.
Flash : That is unacceptable. I have no need or desire for the service.
DirecTV : As this is the prepaid service, our systems wont allow us to process the refund after the one week of the payment.
Flash : If you go up the ladder, you can verify that the accounts have not been used.
Flash : Then go beyond the system.
DirecTV : You can still stream the service till the end of the billing cycle.
Flash : Don’t get locked into the evils of runaway technology.
DirecTV : I am sorry to hear that.
DirecTV : .
Flash : I’m sorry, did I forget to press send?
Flash : 10/25/2017 3800 DIRECTV NOW 800-965-7288 TX 17298001 $36.35
Flash : Is this a real person or a bot?
DirecTV : My name is DirecTV. I am real person.
Flash : What major US holiday occurs 6 days before the end of the month of December?
DirecTV : If we had the option, I would have processed the refund for you happily.
Flash : It is my suspicion that if you are a real person, that your job is to politely hang on to my money at all costs.
DirecTV : Let me check what best I can do for you, Flash.
Flash : Do they give you a script to counter my points with?
DirecTV : Flash, I am sorry you feel that way.
DirecTV : I will check all my possible ways to help you with the concern.
DirecTV : Please allow me a moment.
Flash : Probably not as sorry as I feel about having money stolen from me 🙁
DirecTV : As this is the system generated billing, you will be charged if you don’t cancel the free trial within time.
DirecTV : As you havent canceled the free trial which you have created, you have been charged.
DirecTV : We dont have the option to charge the customers personally.
Flash : This assumes I knew I had a subscription running. The one I knew about was canceled. I’m searching my email here and I don’t see anything about the subscription.
Flash : So, I think it was a technical issue where I tried to signup but to my mind was unsuccessful.
DirecTV : But the account has been created successfully.
Flash : Not on my end.
Flash : Your logs will prove that.
DirecTV : I see that the account was created on 10/14/17 10:34 EDT
Flash : I have DirectTV marketing email to my fortcollinsflash address but none to my address.
Flash : That account?
Flash : Which account?
DirecTV : is the email address on the account on which you have been charged.
Flash : …and you say I signed up that account on 10/14? No free trial then?
DirecTV : You have signed up for the account with the free trial on 10/14/17 and after the free trial you have been charged on 23rd.
DirecTV : Would you like me to help you with the steps to cancel the account?
Flash : Well, I’m just getting more and more disappointed as you continue to do everything you can top keep my money. You know what this conversation is about but don’t care. There is apparently nothing you can do to rectify this. It is certainly painting DirectTV in a bad light.
Flash : Sheesh!
Flash : …and refund my money!
DirecTV : I am sorry to hear that, Flash.
DirecTV : We dont have the option to process the refund.
DirecTV : >Sign in to your account using a supported browser.
>Select the Home page person icon.
>Select Settings.
>From your User Account overview page, select Manage My Plan.
>Select the Cancel Plan link.
>Choose one of the listed reasons.
>Select Cancel Now to confirm cancellation.
Flash : Then connect me with somebody who does.
DirecTV : Let me check that for you.
Flash : You can’t cancel my account? You can’t refund my money? What are you trying to accomplish?
DirecTV : I have checked the details for you, Flash, I will go ahead and cancel the account and process the partial refund for $20.00 on your account. And you can still stream the service till the end of the billing cycle.
DirecTV : Is that okay for you?
Flash : That is not good enough. I want my full 36.35. I can’t believe you guys. For the third time, I’m not streaming your service, have not streamed your service.
Flash : I don’t want to stream your service.
DirecTV : actually we don’t have the option to process the refund and I have stretched my limits to process the refund for $20.00.
DirecTV : We really dont have the option to process the full refund after the one week of the transaction.
DirecTV : We would have tried helping you if you have reached us little early.
DirecTV : Its been one week back you have been charged on the account. I have tried my possible way to process the partial refund of $20.00 on your account.
Flash : How much time too late in reaching you was I? What is are the time restraints for service. You say: “a little early”, what is that exactly?
DirecTV : If it was one day after the payment, we would have tried processing the full refund on your account.
Flash : You would have “tried”?
DirecTV : As this is the prepaid service, we don’t have the option to process the refund once the payment is processed.
DirecTV : Would you like me to cancel the account and process the partial refund for $20.00?
DirecTV : I respect your decision. Please allow me 2 minutes while i cancel the account and process the refund of $20.00 on your account.
Flash : How much per hour do you get paid to argue with me? All this to enable DriectTV to hang on to my $36.35?! Money they have provided me nothing for?
Flash : What a crazy world we live in.
DirecTV : I am happy to help you with the full refund if we had the option to do so. I hope you understand our limitations towards this.
Flash : Don’t worry about the refund. Just cancel the account. I appreciate your acknowledgement to wit DirectTV is inappropriately keeping my hard earned money.
DirecTV : Are yo asking me not to process the refund?
Flash : I
Flash : Of course I want my refund. I’m glad you offered it, despite earlier telling me you had no ability to do such a thing, yet here we are, you offering me a partial refund.
Flash : But, while we’ve been on chat, I’ve contacted my bank and disputed the charges; an understandable action I’m sure.
Flash : Next, I plan on doing everything I can to insure my sphere of influence understands what kind of support DirectTV offers.
DirecTV : I am sorry to her that.
DirecTV : Flash, I have canceled the account. 207624548 is the confirmation number.
Flash : Oh, stop. Your not sorry. You’re probably laughing about this with you co-workers.
DirecTV : I am sorry, Flash. We really don’t take this as a fun.
Flash : Probably part of the script the company gives you. How would I ever know? Now part of the public record.
Flash : Don’t worry, when I publish it I’ll change your name for the sake of your privacy.
DirecTV : I am sorry to hear that.
DirecTV : For latest updates regarding DIRECTV NOW, please visit the link below
Flash : Funny, my neighbor next door was asking me out streaming services…
DirecTV : I am happy to help you, if you have any additional questions or issues?
Flash : Why do you wan’t me to visit that link?
Flash : Is that marketing?
DirecTV : It is the DIRECTV NOW website.
DirecTV : You can visit the link to know more updates regarding DIRECTV NOW services.
DirecTV : Is there anything else I can help you with?
Flash :  (not sure facebook let me post such a long post?)
Flash : Pretty funny ey?
DirecTV : We are not allowed to access the websites other than service websites.
Flash : Too bad. It is really pretty hilarious.
DirecTV : Would you like me to review anything else for you? I’ll be happy to assist you.
Flash : You lie.
Flash : “happy to argue”.
DirecTV : I am sorry to hear that, Flash.

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Reasons 132 To 137 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Directv sucks now that ATT bought them! Been nothing but down hill ever since. I've been a customer for 8 years, but I'm done with you guys!

Posted by Bob Hotary on Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service

At Lowes?! Isn’t it the case that in virtually any store (Ace Hardware excluded) and when you ask an employee for assistance to find a particular item, it is more likely than not you get to observe that employees’ impromptu on the job training session as they drag you along on what amounts to an Easter egg hunt.

Colorado thunderstorms are renowned for the size of hail stones they can spit out, the volume of thunder they can produce and the velocity of wind they can generate. I’ve said many times how Colorado weather is an adventure in meteorology. It was one of those adventurous Colorado thunderstorms that blew down my fence; snapped off five four by four posts in howling concert.

A Lowes home improvement big box store is five minutes from the house – two minutes when you cut through the back of Target, Toys-R-Us and a string of leaser known stores. With the wife riding shotgun and Molly the dog in the spacious back of our ’94 Aerostar, we blasted off for Lowes.

Did you know you can bring you dog inside the store? If that dog is a Mexican Chihuahua he or she will be able to read the signage in their native tongue! Being a white guy, that always annoyed me – so politically correct. I digress. I had not passed three isles of quality Lowes products when a tall English speaking and equally white guy approached me and suggested he could help in finding whatever it was I might be looking for. “No way hoser!” I exclaimed. “I don’t want to follow your around this store and watch you do what I was going to do anyway; search for it”. This well kempt gentleman just smiled (a younger employee would have gotten his feeling hurt) and politely asked me to describe my needs.

Quickcrete Forming Tube“I’ve pulled out my old fence post cement footings, which left a huge hole that I don’t want to use double and triple amounts of cement when it comes time to putting in new fence posts. The preacher, my neighbor, tells me there is some kind of cardboard I can use to put in the hole and contain the cement.”

“Right this way sir, I have just what you need.”

OMG! I’m being escorted directly to a collection of cardboard tubes that are absolutely perfect for the job.

“The QUIKRETE 8-in Concrete Forming Tube is just what you need. If your putting your fence posts two feet deep, which I recommend, you can cut them in half and save money.”

Mission Accomplished

My wife Jan Baby and I spent about six hours spread over two days cutting the tubes into two foot lengths, digging about five holes that were too shallow, adding the tubes, backfilling the dirt, setting in and leveling the posts. Finally, we just added water to the Quickcrete which turned it into cement; VOIAL! New fence posts were up. That was the easy part. My decision to remove the old fence in panel instead of taking it completely apart was a poor one. Jan Baby and I estimate that we spent more time trying to get the panels in that it would have taken to just nail individual boards back into place.

Upload Your Crack

Upload Your Crack

Are you a Ford Explorer owner? Is your Explorer’s lift gate trim panel cracked? If you answered yes, then you are in good company, as there are countless thousands of Ford Explorer owners who suffer from the same defect. How do you fix it? The lift gate trim panel can be ordered from Ford, and comes unpainted! By the time you get it ordered, painted and installed your looking at close to a $500.00 bill. I digress; I’d love to share a photo of your crack on my Facebook page: “Ford Explorer Lift Gate Cracks“.

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