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a pixelated personality


Posted on Nov 9, 2011 in Videos | Comments Off on Flippies

What self respecting parent wouldn’t buy their child a trampoline? I found a fifteen foot Jump King trampoline on Craig’s...

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Zac’s 18th Happy Birthday

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 in Bric-a-Brac, Videos | Comments Off on Zac’s 18th Happy Birthday

[wposflv src= height=”270″...

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Max’s 16th Birthday

Posted on Dec 13, 2010 in Videos | Comments Off on Max’s 16th Birthday

Three friends help Max turn 16. Alex, Keith and John.[clear] [wposflv...

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Pot Heads

Posted on Sep 8, 2010 in Videos | Comments Off on Pot Heads

The Alexanders were not in Colorado long before a summer thunderstorm unleashed a shower of hail. We learned then that the weather in Fort...

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RTF Outlaws

Posted on Sep 7, 2010 in Videos | Comments Off on RTF Outlaws

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