I’ve seen this topic discussed on various message boards, facebook groups and forums. The trouble is nobody really knows or can show you what you need to know to get the job done. I’m not sure I’m the guy to solve that riddle but what the heck.

The Shop Manual is woefully inadequate. Oddly I often see Dodge B series truck owners beat others over the head with “Did you buy the shop manual?!”. Well, I bought the shop manual, read the pages related to removing the drivers and passengers door window glass and still couldn’t figure it out all the  way, until Alec Benjamin Heier stopped by the home shop and showed me hands on what worked for him. His solution was drop dead simple and we had the glass out in under thirty seconds.

Steps Taken

Step 1
Remove the Door Handle and Window Crank. These have spring loaded escutcheons. Use one of your body tools or any thin wedge thingy to jam it in there and move it to reveal the pin holding the crank and handle to the post.
Step 2

Door Panel Spring Fasteners

Remove the inner door panels by removing the screws and prying out the door panel spring fasteners.

Door Panel Removal Tool Kit from Amazon

Tip: Pickup a gnarly nylon door panel removal toolkit from Amazon. Don’t cheap out. Some tough fasteners will only bend your tool instead of your tool bending those fasteners to its will.

You’ll want to use one of those pry tools to remove the window sweeper too. The glass won’t come out the opening with the sweeper still in.

Step 3

Remove the lower access panel. Easy peasy, six machine screws of substance. You might consider replacing these with shiny new ones?

Step 4
With the window rolled up. Remove the three bolts that are holding in the inner hidden window channel. These bolts are on the hinge side of the door and are vertically aligned.
Step 5
Remove the retainer clips behind the lower door window guide. This is the mystery part since you can’t see ’em and don’t expect this type of retaining clip. They simple press down to release, slide down and pull away from the channel; VOILA! This is the part Alec showed me. Drove all the way over for a thirty second job.

Step 6

The glass will lift up, rotate ninety degrees and come up and out of the upper door panel window opening.

Take your glass to any reputable glass house for replacement. I use Black’s Glass right here in Fort Collins. They took the glass still jammed in the channel with no complaints.

Note: getting that bottom channel off the glass can be a bitch. Alex recommends putting the glass in a large wood vice, then hammer it off using a piece of wood against the metal edge. Suggest heating it up to very warm, hot even to make it a little more slip friendly.

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