On a recent trip to the local salvage yard, I met an attractive young woman while encouraging my son to keep trying as he struggled with the ’48 radio removal. Her husband was off in search of old Chevy pickups so she hung with us and we had a nice  chat.


A short time later her husband showed up and took note of my son’s struggle with the radio, grabbed a wrench and leaned in to lend a hand. Out comes the radio.

This guy and I get to talking about our war service of all things and end up exchanging phone numbers. A couple days later I get a text invite from the guy to meet at a new restaurant in town for beer and burgers. He graciously  chose “The Red Truck”, the newest Fort Collins brewpub.


The place was packed! My wife had me get in the beer line while she held down an open table.


The six of us (they brought two of their three kids and one in the oven) had a chatty meal and I knew I had made a new friend.

Yesterday morning, when my son Zac arrived for another run to the junkyard, I mentioned how his mom and I had dinner with the couple we had met a week earlier in the junkyard. He was dumbfounded.  I asked him about his friends and when was the last time he had made a new one.

I have a few good friends, most spread around the country from California to Wisconsin. I haven’t met any new “real” friends in years.

The moral of the story and point I wanted to impress upon my son was to not pass up on your opportunities nor rush to judgement and junkyard can offer more than car parts?


My wife Jan with her good friend Barb