My Job

For twenty years I’ve been hammering out websites for a broad range of clients. It all started back in the early nineties when I was living in the small coastal town of Cambria, California. AKA Cambrilot, where live moved slowly behind the green curtain of Monterrey pines. Dave buddy, my long time friend whom I had met while we were ski instructors at Mammoth Mountain, had briefly given insurance a go as his job. Eventually he threw out that idea and in the end gave me his business computer; a 286 mhz pc running DOS with a twenty megabyte hard drive! I was fascinated by it, talked about nothing else and spent hours every morning upon waking trying to figure it all out. I actually got pretty good at the DOS operating system. Two new OS’s became available, DeskView and Windows 1.0. Against the advice of friends, I went with Windows and suffered through countless crashes. Microsoft didn’t start getting it together until Windows 95, then 98, then Windows Millennium, where the blue screen of death became less common.

Today I ply my craft from a Fort Collins basement with the help of several virtual compatriots. Each of us have our unique specialties. Mine seems to be the ability to sew together other peoples ideas into killer websites repleat with advanced functionality. This became quite an asset with the maturation of WordPress, the content management system extraordinaire!

Developed Client Websites


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