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Q: How does a tech guy drink coffee?
A: He installs Java!

Auto Classica

Auto Classica (!)

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Roxanne, my 1950 B2B Dodge half ton pickup truck, junkyard adventures and car shows.


Auto Classica / Roxanne (!)

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Heater - Arvin Mfg.

Auto Classica / Roxanne / Heater - Arvin Mfg. (!)

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Arvin was the long-time company and product name of a multi-national company that was headquartered (primarily) in Columbus, Indiana during most of the 20th century. The company was founded in 1919 as the Indianapolis Air Pump Company by Q. G. Noblitt (a native of Columbus) and Frank Sparks in 1919. After a few name changes, the company last "existed" as part of ArvinMeritor, Inc. until the Arvin was dropped from the name in 2011.

Family Classics

Family Classics (!)

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Potpourri (!)

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