Refreshing Hubcaps

Taking off Fifty of the Sixty Eight Years

New hubcaps could have been purchased for about fifty bucks each, but being a cheapskate at the time, I opted to slueth out hubcaps via the internet; ebay, facebook groups and the P15-D24 forum. I ended up with two pretty good candidates and fours that were on the sketchy side.

Removing the thick coat of rust from the backside took some elbow grease. I let ’em soak in vinegar for a few days then scrubbed them with steel wool and green meanines (Scotch Pads). The front sides I cleaned up with rubbing compound then applied a degreaser before I started the masking and painting.


With 1/4 inch masking tape, outline the main circle. With 1/2 inch tape, add some margin to the circle then use newspaper to protect the rest of the hubcap. Use 1/2 inch tape to cover the lettering. Finally, cut out the letters. You can see some of my color testing here.


After using a paint prep degreaser, such as the one made by Dupli-Color, use an off the shelf primer. Think Rustoleum.


First thought was to have a custom color blended by Finish Masters. However considering how rough these vintage hubcaps are it didn’t make sense, so off the shelf Dupli-Color rattle can that was “close enough” was selected and sprayed.

Rattle Can Coup

These were found locally here in Fort Collins, either at Home Depot or O’Reilly Auto Parts. Shake Rattle & Spray!

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