The Problem

Many builders; think Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer may only allow for x maximum columns. What does one do when the need is for columns within columns?

The Solution

Simple Grid to the Rescue

A basic responsive grid for winners. This project is based on Chris Coyier’s post on grids Simple Grid is a basic lightweight grid, not a CSS framework. There are no styles for buttons, tables, typography etc. etc. Responsive – Built with responsive sites in mind, Simple Grid allows developers to build websites on a foundation suited for mobile and tablet browsers.

  • Lightweight – Simple Grid is simply that, a grid. This is not a framework with everything from forms to buttons styled but a lightweight simple CSS grid.
  • 1140px- No longer do we develop for 1024px monitors. Simple Grid is designed to make sites look great on larger monitors with higher resolutions.
  • 12 Columns- The twelve column structure of Simple Grid easily divides into columns of two, three, four or six, giving developers numerous layout possibilities.

Simple Grid was created for developers who need a bare bones grid. Simple Grid works well with 1140px layouts but easily adapts to any size of layout. With fluid columns, Simple Grid is responsive down to mobile.

Dallas Bass



5 Column Grid

Here is the simple grid code I’m using:

Grab My Simple Grid Plugin for FREEE!

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