TLC Medical Massage

TLC Medical Massage

Jan Alexander is one helluva massage therapist in Fort Collins, CO. Jan Baby, as I affectionately refer to her is also my wife! When it came time to develop a website for her new massage business I turned to the latest and greatest CSS3 HTML5 powered WordPress theme.

TLC Medical Massage (TLCMM) is packed with information. Interestingly, the one page that keeps clients coming back is Jan’s Schedule Online page. Jan signed up a paid account with Acuity Scheduling and it has really paid off. Jan found out her clients would rather book online than have to try to catch Jan by phone. Being extremely busy, generally booked at over 80%, it is difficult to reach her by phone.


Map & Directions for TLC Medical Massage

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Flashy Functionality WordPress Plugin

Flashy Functionality WordPress Plugin

In your WordPress theme folder, you will always find functions.php, the most useful theme file. The name says it all, this file adds functions to your WordPress website and goes a long way to making the cool stuff happen. Often unknown to many WordPress developers is the fact that this files functions can be moved to a WordPress plugin.

Themes and Functions

Today, theme developers cram all kinds of functions into the theme itself in an effort to woo customers. Whether it is a slider, social media icons and functions, Google analytics and or a spiffy wiz-bang contact form; what happens should one choose to swap out one theme for another. You lose all your hard work setting up those mods. Do yourself a favor. Instead of adding the code to your theme, or relying on the code that is in the  theme, instead drop it in a plugin. Flashy Functionality plugin is just one solution.  There are plenty available plugins on that will enable you to accomplish many things. Unfortunately, there are those that bring unneeded or unwanted bloat that your site can do without. With my Flashy Functionality plugin, you’ll only have to add it once and your functions will be preserved when you change the design of your website.

Don’t Lose Your Edits

WordPress themes often have updates to keep them playing nicely with core wordpress files and server scripting. With the Flashy Functionality plugin, you can add your new functions into the plugin instead of touching your themes functions file. If you are a power user, chances are you will have a bevy of functions that you use over and over again. Edit the Flashy Functionality plugin to add your favorite and essential functions then upload and activate.

Preloaded Goodness

There are many functions that, in my opinion, every WordPress website needs. Here are the functions I’ve pre-loaded into my plugin:

Helpful Info Dashboard Widget

Dashboard Helpful Info from Flash Buddy for WordPressThe whole idea of a WordPress website is the client will be able to manage his or her own content. With my Helpful Info Dashboard Widget, I provide the new client with general information on managing a WordPress website, as well as links to great tutorial resources, stock image resources, and my email and phone number when it comes to support. I’ve even built in the ability for us developers to upload “how to” videos and provide them right on the dashboard.

Handy Shortcodes

Clear All | The WordPress page/post editor is a great tool to be sure, but don’t we all find those time when the content just won’t behave. I have found myself putting in hard returns, and line breaks in an effort to get content not to jumble together haphazardly; all to no avail. With this plugin, content editors can use the shortcode [ br ] (remove spaces for actual use) thereby forcing the next line of content to clear all other elements.

Private | Display secret message to editors by using my Private shortcode. Usage:
[ private ]Your secret message here. [ /private ] You can provide helpful hints and tips to content admins and editors that only they can see.
Edit Post Private Editor Content for WordPress

Security | There are many functions that can be utilized to protect your WordPress installation from hackers. Consider the functions “explain_less_login_issues”, “disable_file_edit” and or “no_generator”. Other ideas (though not included) are enabling the WordPress hidden admin feature, modify the login logo and image urls and hide WordPess update notifications from all but the admin users. There are plenty more you can use. Check the links at the bottom of this article to get you going.

Core Updates | Select how you want WordPress to perform updates. More Info»

Misc. | Add additional menu and or widget areas and more. You’ll have to download the plugin and look inside to see them all.


14 Key WordPress Functions to Jump-Start Theme Development

Fifteen Useful WordPress Functions You Probably Don’t Know


25+ Extremely Useful Tricks for the WordPress Functions File – One of my favorites!


This plugin requires that you edit the plugin files themselves to turn features on and off. The files are well documented. Have fun.

Flashy Shortcodes

Flashy Shortcodes

WordPress shortcode functions were first introduced in WordPress 2.5. Shortcodes and WordPress functions are power tools when it comes to massaging WordPress websites into shape. Instead of relying on complicated CSS and HTML, a user can simply insert a shortcode and VOILA!; save an hours worth of coding. This is the beauty of WordPress shortcodes and functions; the quick and easy path to making your blogging chores easier. The following is my private functions plugin with a potpourri of formatting functions. Feel free to download and hack (more…)

WP Media Player Skins

WP Media Player Skins

Drives me crazy when a plugin developer gives you six skins to choose from but no screenshots to help you make that choice. So, from trial and error I chose to use the Executive skin; matches my blog don’t you think? Here are all the choices: