Vintage Dodge DIY Disc Brake Conversion

While I haven’t bitten the bullet yet I have been sorely tempted. Recently I ran across this post on the Facebook Dodge Pilot House page.

DIY Disc Brakes for yer ‘ol Dodge
by Derrick Laukaitis

Don Incoll came up with a great setup for converting the drums on his (wife’s) ’49 Dodge to a disc setup. Here’s an alternative I came up with years ago for my ’56 Dodge that utilizes all Mopar parts (plus a nifty bracket that can be made using a drill press, drill bits, a hole saw, basic grinding tools and a lot of patience).

Like Don did, you’ll have to remove the drum from your hub. Then, you’ll have to grind enough material off your hub to allow the rotor to slide over it. Also, like Don did, add a set of five wheel studs so you don’t have to wrestle with the lug bolts any longer.

I included the drawing I did years ago of the bracket that will need to be made. But, I strongly advise you re-measure your setup and do a mock-up with a different 1/4″ material (I used plexiglass) to ensure everything fits as designed. …Looking at my measurements again (with a few more years of experience under my belt, you will definitely need to re-measure).

Nearly forgot… You’ll need some brake hoses also. Honestly don’t remember what I did for hoses, but there a ton of options out there.

By the way, this setup allowed me to run 15×7 American Racing Smoothies.

The Recipe:

PartRock Auto Part #CostQty Parts Cost
Left Caliper18FR1083 $46.791$46.79
Right Caliper18FR1084$46.791$46.79
Caliper Brackets141200 $16.422$32.84
Caliper Bracket BoltsH17010$3.042$6.08
Wheel Studs7178B$2.1410$21.40
    Total: $211.48 (+ shipping)

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Non DIY Method

Scarebird makes several disc brake conversion kits and changes are they have on for your vintage ride.