I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the Christmas season to be here! There are few things better in the world of holidays than the tinkling of Christmas music, the smell of hot apple cider and visions of sugar plums! Of course being the guy that I am, I also do love the mircobrews holiday ale!

Special Holiday Offer * How Can One Say No?!

Fancy Text Widget with the Christmas Addon

Add some color to your sidebars. The fancy text widget add hundreds (I actually didn’t count, but there are quite a few) of  possibilities that will fit any design and layout (with widget areas, that’s most of us). You can see two of these amazing widgets in my sidebar right now!

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Available backgrounds

  • Crumbled paper, less crumbled
  • Crumbled paper, more crumbled
  • Sand paper, fine
  • Sand paper, more grainy
  • Paper with horizontal lines
  • Paper with horizontal and vertical lines
  • Simple color – no background image

Available icons; can be placed in left or right top corner

  • Sticky tape vertical
  • Stick type diagonal
  • Paper clip
  • Old school paper clip
  • Safety pin
  • Blue pin
  • Red pin
  • White pin
  • Green pin
  • Black pin
  • No icon

Available fonts

  • The Girl Next Door
  • Sue Ellen Francisco
  • Annie Use Your Telescope
  • Waiting for the Sunrise
  • Indie Flower
  • Architects Daughter
  • Just Me Again Down Here
  • Just Another Hand
  • Covered By Your Grace
  • School bell
  • Default theme font

Available corner styles

  • Plain corners
  • Both corners folded with shadow
  • Left corner folded
  • Right corner folded

Available background colors

Color picker let’s you choose whatever color you like!

Available font colors

Color picker let’s you choose whatever color you like! Or you can use the default theme text color.