Inserting a Photo Gallery in WordPress

Inserting a Photo Gallery in WordPress

A photo gallery or slide show can be a source of eye candy and or a functional addition to any WordPress website where grabbing and holding a website visitors attention is the order of the day. Whether one’s website is e-Commerce oriented or primarily informational; any website will benefit from well presented and optimized images. Did you know your websites’ images can help with your overall SEO?

Skilled WordPress developers have created a large number of photo gallery plugins which can be found for sale on websites such as CodeCanyon. Before you spend your hard earned $$$, consider the built in WordPress tools to add an image gallery to any of your posts or pages.

Adding a Photo Gallery – Must See Video!

For Profession Photo Gallery Display Results

Professional images are a best bet when it comes to giving your website a professional look and feel. The internet today if rife with resources where one can discover and download high quality images, many of them for free.

Stock Photo Resources

Where to Get Images

For Adding Images to Posts, Pages, Headers, Backgrounds and Featured Sliders :: The best course of action is to purchase quality stock photography from online stock houses. I have an account at and recommend them highly. Photos for web use cost about two to ten dollars, depending upon the quality and or the photographer.

Recommended sizes vary with a users WordPress theme and overall site design. Here are some guidelines. Note, all sizes are in pixels.

Featured Sliders – 960 X 370 Header – 960 X 325 Illustrating Content on Posts/Pages: 250 X 250

Learn more about WordPress image use and functions:

Free Photos :: Here are the free photography website I use and recommend:

Paid Stock Photos :: Hee are the paid stock photo sites I’ve enjoyed using:

Using and Customizing Personal Photographs

Often times one must use ones own photographs. Typically, these ‘snapshots’ need a lot of post processing. We professional more often than not use Photoshop. Unfortunately for most this is too expensive of a solution. Do not despair, there are options you can avail yourself of.

Photo Editors

Edit Your Photos Online :: This is how one can size ones images to appropriate web specs.

Desktop Photo Re-Sizing :: Great for heavy users or those that just hate doing things online. There are many programs that will run on a Mac or PC and allow one to manipulate photos in a variety of ways.


Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret

Downtown La Jolla, CA

Camera: Nikon D5000
Lens: AS-F Nikkor 18-55 f3.5-5.6
100m | f14
Post Processing:
Photomatix (Hand held 3 shot)
Topaz Clean

Poudre River Area Winter Scenes

Poudre River Area Winter Scenes

After a “major’ storm passed, and a new “monster’ storm ‘slammed’ Fort Collins (maybe eight inches), I grabbed by Nikon D5000, a warm coat, my favorite hat and the green and purple gloves, that often times are the sole remaining pair, after other family members have made their glove selection. One short whistle for Molly the dog had her running for the door, eventually taking up her position in the back seat of my -94 Aerostar van (207k!). Together we drove slowly over snow covered roads to the Arapaho Bend natural area and the Poudre River.  I’ve been itching to grab an HDR shot of the historic remains of Strauss Cabin. My father and I had photographed Mr. Strauss’ cabin in the summer of 2011. I wanted to have a contrasting cabin shot with a winter snow comparison.


La Jolla Concours de’Elegance

La Jolla Concours de’Elegance

My son Max Alexander and I had a common love of classic automobiles and have made a point to take in a car show when possible. Our first ones were the events that took place in Santa Rosa Park in San Luis Obispo. We had stumbled in after a hockey game at the same park. We had our hockey sticks, but no camera. The first car show images I had captured were at the Old Town Car Show in Fort Collins California back in the summer of ’06 (View on flickr). I took a more traditional approach. My father Frank Alexander lives in La Jolla, California and loves a special photo-op from time to time. He alerted me to an event in his backyard, purchased tickets whereupon the two of us made the scene, cameras in tow.

I take a different approach these days, as can be seen in this small gallery of images. I actually take more enjoyment in the post processing via Photomatix, Photoshop and Lightroom.

Instagram Blog Demo

Instagram Blog Demo

Is ipadography in the dictionary? I recently had a client request a Instagram powered blog be setup on her website. The concept was to use the Instagram iTunes Store App in conjunction with ones iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to add photos instantly to ones blog. I ended up solving the riddle by using the Instagram App ability to post instantly to flickr. To get the photos from ones flickr Photostream on to ones blog, I used the Awesome Flickr Gallery plugin and customized it’s display.

Flash Buddy’s Instagram Ipadography Blog


Vacation Photos 2011

Vacation Photos 2011

A follow-up to the Alexander’s family vacation. Well, most of the Alexanders. Zac decided he had important business to attend to in Fort Collins; seventeen years old don’t ‘cha know. Max, Jan Baby and I, Flash Buddy had a great adventure driving to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Cheap motel (49er Inn & Suites), fine dining, hiking, a cruise through Yosemite, rafting the Snake River and horseback riding;  and have the pictures to prove it.

The Pictures that Prove it.


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